A Website Redesign for a Manufacturer is More than just the Product!

As a manufacturer, redesigning your website is about more than just your product. While those items are of significant importance, it is easy to slip into the role of the person building the product, rather than the person buying the product.  That’s why so often you see specifications taking the place of good sales copy.  But beyond that, in a website situation, you have to think about not only the person buying the product, but how they go about finding that product in the first place.

So in addition to giving your website a fresh new look and highlighting those products, this is your chance to improve your site’s performance in search, so you can get more traffic, and ultimately sell more products!

With all of the moving pieces that go into a manufacturer website redesign, it’s easy to overlook SEO best practices. Making SEO mistakes can happen at any point during a website redesign project and one of the most common is forgetting about SEO altogether!   Another common mistake is not taking the time to develop your updated site as responsive.  Responsive means that your website functions seamlessly across multiple platforms, including tablets and mobile devices.

This is becoming more and more important as search places more and more importance on a website’s mobile compatibility.  This applies to service industry websites the same as it does to manufacturers’ websites.  If your new website isn’t responsive, you could be missing out.  And, with the possibility of other common SEO mistakes out there, your website redesign project can be easily derailed.

Never fear, there are tools available the help you avoid simple mistakes that many make when it comes to SEO and manufacturer website redesigns.

To help keep you on track, Lime Valley has compiled ten common SEO mistakes that you should avoid, featuring tips and tricks from marketers who have dealt with website updates in the past.   Click the link below to learn how to download the free guide!

Download guide: SEO Strategies and mistakes to avoid

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