Website Redesign: The Dos and Don’ts of SEO!

Whether you’re new to the position and this is your first big marketing project or you’ve endured this exercise several times now, the prospect of a website redesign for a manufacturing company can send shivers down the spine of even the most experienced marketing professional. You know that everyone from the sales department to human resources to engineering is going to have a say in how the website looks, the content it has on it and the way it functions. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is going to get along or play nice.

Build a Better Equipment Manufacturer’s Website

As a marketer you know that a manufacturing website redesign project is an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and develop a site that really works for your company, your products and your clients. And a big step toward creating a successful project is avoiding simple mistakes, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Here are some quick dos and don’ts:

1. Don’t forget about SEO at the start of your project!

This is a common mistake that happens all the time during a manufacturer website redesign project for equipment manufacturers. Emphasis gets placed on products right away, and suddenly SEO is a distant memory.

2. Do run analytics on your existing site.

Before you get rid of that old site, find out how it’s performing. It’s a good benchmark for the new site when it’s ready.

3. Don’t forget to add analytics to the new site!

How can you find out how the new site is performing if you don’t add the analytics to it?

4. Do download Lime Valley’s guide on avoiding SEO mistakes.

Lime Valley has assembled a free guide to take you through the 10 most common mistakes made during a website redesign for manufacturing companies.

Download guide: SEO Strategies and mistakes to avoid

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