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Education Through Editorial: Contribution Articles, A Winning Composition

How to Generate Positive Exposure with Contribution Articles

Trade magazines are great sources for obtaining good press relations (PR). Many Lime Valley clients have benefited greatly from this type of exposure. While companies often only focus on solicited or paid-for feature articles, there is another form of editorial that can generate a great deal of positive exposure for businesses.

At Lime Valley it’s referred to as a contribution article. These articles are often assembled by the editorial staff of a particular magazine or a freelance writer on assignment. They usually cover specific topics like an industry trend, a specific method, technique or equipment focus.

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8.2 Storyboard RX For Success

6 Common-Sense Tips for Maintaining Your Website’s Health

Keep the Cobwebs Away, Keep the Customers Coming

Have you ever been to a website that is broken or so out-of-date that you’re unsure if the company is even still around? What impression did it have on you?

A website is like having your front door open to the world 24/7, so keeping it accurate, functioning, and secure is extremely important. Don’t leave money on the table by making a bad first impression. Just like a tangible office building, a website is not something your company can afford to build and forget.

There is not necessarily a “one size fits all” plan for website maintenance. However, there are some basic housekeeping items that every website should have from time to time.

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siaa award winners

Local Ad Agency Receives Seven National Advertising Awards

Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. Mankato, Minn., received seven Service Industry Advertising Awards for communication excellence this year. This is the fifteenth year that the SIAA has recognized Lime Valley’s creative accomplishments in advertising.

Over those fifteen years Lime Valley has garnered 78 SIAA awards, more than any other agency in Minnesota.

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Press Releases Opportunities

Press On with Press Releases: The Value in Public Relations Opportunities

Sending press releases to media outlets is one of the most common and successful public relations tactics.

Even if you have not purchased an ad placement in a magazine, you can gain exposure for your company through press releases. Most publications offer an insight into their editorial content in their media kits each year. In many cases, this acts as an open invitation for press release submissions.

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