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Girl Meets Real World – Commentary by Megan Albright

As one of the youngest (and newest) team members here at Lime Valley, I have realized looking back that I have learned a great amount in such a short amount of time.

During my time at The Art Institutes International Minnesota, I had demanding teachers who weren’t afraid to tell you what you were doing wasn’t working and to start over. Our projects had to
be done within days and meet the deadlines and necessary criteria. I think this helped me develop the skills of adaptability, accepting critique and addressing priorities. It definitely pushed me and my creativity.

My school experience helped me prepare for what was to come in the “real world,” but some things you just can’t prepare for.

I started at Lime Valley a little over two years ago, fresh out of college, as a part-time Production Artist. When I came to Lime Valley, I was still pretty naïve as to what really happens in the industry. We discussed it in school, but it hadn’t fully clicked. I found out pretty quickly that I could do more than what I thought and remembered a lot more from my education than I realized.

Now that I have been working full time for a year, I have continued to learn and grow. It’s hard to define my role as “production artist”: my days vary dramatically from print materials to e-newsletters to websites to trade show graphics. When I first started I didn’t know anything about how websites were put together. Not only have I learned more about the web side of the industry, but I have also learned some simple and silly things like short cut key commands or how to get what you want from a stock image site. I have learned to adapt even more by working on several different client projects in a day and even within an hour.

I can say for certain now that I have fallen even more in love with the design and advertising industry. I’m kind of liking this “real world” thing.

Megan Albright is a Production Artist at Lime Valley Advertising, Inc.

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The Exciting World of Advertising – Commentary by Kazuki Okamura

One year ago I would never be able to imagine my current circumstances. My interest in advertising has started only last winter, and I have had exciting days since then. I spent two months as an intern at an ad agency in Tokyo, Japan. Everything in those days was new for me… and I became sure that ads are exciting.

Then I have come here to Minnesota in the United States and have since started another internship opportunity at Lime Valley Advertising. What is interesting is… everything is still new! I am glad that there are so many new and exciting things in this world.

The two ad agencies seem to have only two things in common. Both are small and dedicated to advertising. Apart from these two exceptions, everything is a difference between them: working style or time, major field of job, local or urban, style of office architecture, and even languages. I will probably continue to find these kinds of differences as long as I work here as an internship student. Comparison works as an analytical base to find new things; you can view your place differently by going into different place. And I really appreciate it.

I guess almost all readers of this commentary spent a time in which you thought about your future path and tried some opportunities for it… I am exactly in that kind of period of time. I am quite new for the ad world and therefore am still learning specific skills for it, but I feel like I am enjoying this developing stage. I’m sure that I can find something and improve myself at Lime Valley Advertising; here is a great place with opportunities.

When asked to write this commentary, I was wondering what I could say, and I’ve decided to talk about my newness and freshness as a student from other country. I would be happy if you, too, can enjoy your reflection on your initial feelings or excitement at the beginning of your career.

Kazuki Okamura is a student intern at Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. An international student from Japan, he is currently studying at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.