Social media calendar for planning.

Planning Ahead: Creating a Social Media Calendar

Social media, when looked at through the lens of integrated marketing communications, can drive a business’s entire marketing strategy forward.

While reading a social media post may only take a few seconds, writing and planning an effective post takes much more time and thought. A social media calendar is a valuable tool to plan, track, and implement content for any and all social media avenues.

A calendar is more helpful than a list of topics because it allows an organization to visualize how its content will be distributed throughout the year. Key company or industry events, holidays, product release dates, and the like can be duly noted.

Using a Social Media Calendar Requires Knowing Your Audience and What They Like

Creating a social media calendar starts by identifying audiences and topics. Knowing the audience and the type of topics that interest them helps a business tailor its content, resulting in increased user engagement.

Many organizations already have valuable content in other marketing assets designed for key audiences, which can be strategically re-purposed for social media.

Rely on a Social Media Editorial Guideline

A published social media “editorial guideline” can help determine what content is appropriate (or not) for the specific social media outlet. Generally speaking, posts made on any social media platform should be informative and offer the reader some sort of value, whether that is in the form of entertainment, company culture, advice and tips, or product- or service-specific information. A smartly designed post can help position a company as a credible authority in the industry, and can help overall brand perception.

The second factor is deciding how often to post, which can be affected by the social network, the industry, and the audience. Accounts with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ would do well to post at least a couple times a week; however, post quality should take priority over quantity.

From there, a company can start filling in its social media calendar. Social media networks provide analytics to help gauge the types of content that are most successful, and the calendar can be adjusted accordingly.

Looking at the year ahead, an organization would benefit from thinking through the tone, timing, and topics of its social media to ensure that every post contributes to the overall marketing strategy.

Need Help Starting Your Own Social Media Calendar?

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