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Modern Marketing Communication Services

The Right Strategy, The Best Results

Effective Marketing


Communicating with a specific audience through the right advertising or marketing medium can be magical.  It can generate awareness, it can help improve sales, it can increase participation or donations. But that level of effectiveness doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by defining objectives, developing a message, harnessing creativity and thoughtfully applying that content to the perfect marketing communication vehicle, whether that’s a website, brochure, digital ad program, e-newsletter, video or all of the above.  There are more choices today than ever before.  And while your marketing and advertising budget may not be getting any bigger, finding the perfect balance is still achievable.

Why Lime Valley?

As a full service firm, Lime Valley helps clients determine the right mix of today’s marketing communications options to reach the right audience. Focusing on quality messages dispersed appropriately and clearly among the different advertising mediums helps build trust. Lime Valley can assist with the development of those messages, development of marketing personas to identify potential customers and determine the ideal blend of different types of communication vehicles.

Lime Valley helps clients:

  • Utilize different marketing vehicles to target appropriate audiences
  • Develop impactful marketing messages
  • Create stronger brand recognition
  • Turn project management into content management
  • Save time and decrease project coordination
  • Build trust with target audiences
  • Become the recognized leaders in your industry
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Social, Digital,
Experiential and Traditional

Comprehensive Service Offerings Under One Roof

Lime Valley helps clients connect with customers across the major forms of marketing communications: social, digital, experiential and traditional. By focusing on messaging and utilizing the right marketing communications vehicles, Lime Valley is able to help clients present their brand in a cohesive and consistent manner.

Having an in-house staff improves the overall quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing materials that are produced.  Staff can work together and collaborate in a shared space. Changes, updates and new projects come in and move through seamlessly to a readily available work force.

The comprehensive talent of the agency’s staff is the result of training, education and diverse industry experience. Clients realize economy and convenience from an agency that services a broad range of needs.

Services Include


Graphic Design

Part art, part science, Lime Valley graphic designers are visually driven and technically capable. From brochure design and direct mail pieces to logos and identity development, Lime Valley can develop the look and feel you need to connect.

Website Development & Design

Lime Valley web programmers and designers know how to go big and go small. Designers and developers collaborate in this environment and are able to reconcile form and function for the best result. From large responsive theme, content management systems to a smaller packaged web presence, Lime Valley will find the online solution for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It doesn’t matter how nice your website is if no one can find it on the web. SEO and web analytics matter at Lime Valley.

Media-Rich Communications

E-newsletters, animations, presentations, and training videos all require the right balance of creativity, content and message. These media-rich projects flourish here.

HD Video & Photography

Lime Valley’s videographers and photographers can capture just the right feature, demonstration or action to bring products and equipment to life, in high definition.

360-Degree Demos

The time is right for an online way to look under the hood, kick the tires or take it for a spin. Lime Valley's combination of 360° video and photography can help you demo equipment, products and places in great detail, online. No travel necessary!

Creative & Technical Writing

Say it with flair. Say it with distinction. Good copywriting gives your project a voice. Whether it’s a technical manual, radio script, web content, a white paper or a display ad headline, nothing can replace well-written, message-driven copy.


Technical illustrations, line drawings and infographics take your brochure, website, poster, catalog or manual from mundane to magnificent. Illustration equals communication.

Media Placement Strategy Digital & Traditional

From short-term campaigns to long-term media efforts, Lime Valley creates ad plans for all budgets, audiences and media including print, radio, TV and Google Display and Search Networks.

Trade Show Display Design

From a one-person, pop-up presentation to a three-day setup, full-scale national trade event, Lime Valley has been doing trade shows, display designs and event planning for over 30 years.

Digital Advertising

This represents one of the fastest growing and most efficient advertising opportunities. Whether it’s using the Google Network, Social Media, Geo-Fencing, or other digital strategies, Lime Valley can help. Lime Valley has earned Google Partner status and has the digital advertising experience to help you choose the right approach, develop your digital ad and optimize your campaign. See real results and measurable ROI!

Public Relations

You may not know it, but trade magazines, newspapers, television and radio are interested in what you have to say and what your product does or your service is. You just need to tell them in a nice way. You may not see yourself as a #influencer, but you are! Positive public relations pays dividends.

Efficient & Effective

Web Development Process

It’s only seven steps, but this process might just be the most important step to creating the website you want and need!