Press Releases Opportunities

Press On with Press Releases: The Value in Public Relations Opportunities

Sending press releases to media outlets is one of the most common and successful public relations tactics.

Even if you have not purchased an ad placement in a magazine, you can gain exposure for your company through press releases. Most publications offer an insight into their editorial content in their media kits each year. In many cases, this acts as an open invitation for press release submissions.

Writing a Press Release

Focus on Product/Service Highlights & Company News

Press releases can highlight not only a specific product or service you offer but also company news, such as an anniversary, a new hire, or an upcoming event. Other elements of an effective press release are headlines and imagery. A succinct, appealing headline gains attention. High resolution, attractive images are also helpful in appealing to the publication and its audience.

Product- or Service-Specific Press Releases: Timing is Key

For product- or service-specific releases, referencing the publication’s editorial calendar is key. Sending your press release about winter plants when the magazine is running a summer flowers feature is ineffective. Editors are more likely to pick up your release when it is timely and relevant. The publication will also view your company as a reliable source of information which could later lead to editorial features and additional valuable opportunities.

Hire a Public Relations Specialist

With an insurmountable amount of magazines, websites, and newspapers out there, searching what publications to send your press releases to can be extremely time consuming. This is where hiring an experienced public relations specialist can provide your company an excellent bang for your buck (and save tons of time).

As a full-service agency, Lime Valley Advertising reviews hundreds of magazines every year, both national and regional, to see which publications are reaching our clients’ target markets.

Coupling editorial with advertising develops an integrated marketing communications strategy and provides enhanced credibility to the marketing messages.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your news — and your company name — out there!

Let Lime Valley do my PR for me

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