Jarraff Industries 360

Jarraff Industries

Project Detail:
Jarraff Industries sought to provide prospective clients with greater insight into the capabilities of its machinery without having to coordinate and perform traditional on-site machine demonstrations.

Lime Valley utilized 360-degree photography to create an interactive experience through which users can navigate. By clicking or swiping the image, they are able to move throughout the image and see the machine’s interior and exterior from varying directions while also have the ability to learn about what is being seen using the clickable activation points.

Try it: jarraff.com/resources/360-experience

MVAC Food Hub Video Lime Valley Portfolio

Minnesota Valley Action Council

Project Detail:
As part of a significant marketing campaign to promote its Community Support Agriculture offering called the Food Hub, the Minnesota Valley Action Council included television advertising as part of the program.

Lime Valley developed the theme, script and animation to create the fun and informative 30-second commercial. A national firm was contracted to supply the voice over. Lime Valley also coordinated the cable tv media buy to align with targeted demographics.

Mini-Jarraff Video Lime Valley Portfolio

Mini-Jarraff Rear Lot Trimmer

Project Detail:
A product sales video helped Jarraff Industries visually demonstrate the capabilities of its dynamic remote controlled tree trimmer, the Mini-Jarraff.

Lime Valley shot on-location video of the machine in action and then edited footage into specific segments highlighting different aspects of the machine. Camera cards and onscreen text combine with stop action callouts to deliver key product information and sales messages in a stylized and engaging way.

Farrish Johnson Law Office

Project Detail:
Farrish Johnson Law Office’s new Personal Injury Peace of Mind :30 video connects the viewer with the firm’s personal injury attorneys. The ad’s tone, imagery and message present the attorneys as both approachable and knowledgeable.

Lime Valley storyboarded, scripted and produced the ad with quality high-definition footage from Flying Buttress, New Ulm, MN. The production was optimized for the firm’s website and for HD broadcast television advertising.


Project Detail:
A corporate video helped Windings not only document its precision processes and high-end assemblies, it allowed the employee-owned company to share insight into its strong, high energy, corporate culture.

Lime Valley storyboarded, scripted and produced the highly effective piece with quality on-site video footage provided by Flying Buttress, New Ulm, MN.

Land to Air Express

Project Detail:
This thirty second television spot highlights the new routes connecting Southern Minnesota, along the with company’s established routes to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Lime Valley offered turnkey development on this commercial project from storyboard, scripting and voiceover to graphics, animations and final production.