AviNation - Youth Aviation Magazine


Project Detail:

AviNation is a national magazine dedicated to generating excitement and interest in aviation among youth. The magazine strives to give readers insight into the future of aviation by focusing on aviation students, programs, events and innovative approaches to the promotion and continued growth of the industry. Lime Valley designed AviNation’s logo and was tasked with the editing, design and production of the magazine. The magazine’s exciting content enabled Lime Valley designers to experiment with layouts and showcase spectacular aviation images.

Minnesota Pork Board Dietician Sheets

Minnesota Pork Board

The Minnesota Pork Board is dedicated to providing quality educational and informational materials that assist in the promotion of pork and pork products. This mission is often assisted by in-store dieticians helping consumers make wise meal choices. The padded tearsheets provide information about pork products, including the various cuts of meat, recipe ideas and preparation methods.

City of Mankato Annual Budget Report

City of Mankato

The unique design of the City of Mankato Annual Budget Report captures the essence of the city and elevates the presentation of the report. The vibrant images and illustrations provide a sense of activity and motion, and serve as an appropriate compliment to the information contained within the report. The template aspect of the design can be applied to other City of Mankato generated reports.

Martin Luther College Devotions Book

Martin Luther College

The Martin Luther College Advent Devotions book is provided as a gift, from MLC to congregation members, college alumni and families, and various other groups during the holiday season. The warm and moving design of the piece provides a strong backdrop for the devotions and messages within (written by MLC staff), and magnifies the value and thoughtfulness of this annual gift from the college.

Visit Mankato

Visit Mankato

In order to promote the building expansion of the Verizon Center, Visit Mankato was looking for a direct mail piece that would create high-level impact in front of a range of audiences looking for locations to hold meetings and conventions. Lime Valley developed a theme, Building Momentum, which highlighted the expansion efforts, and applied it to a lenticular postcard. The progressive design, combined with the ability of the lenticular format to display multiple images by adjusting the visual angle of the piece, created immediate interest and delivered Visit Mankato’s message in a unique and memorable way.

Farrish Johnson Law Office

Project Detail:
Farrish Johnson Law Office is recognized as one of the top legal firms in Southern Minnesota and beyond. Lime Valley Advertising helped coordinate a high-visibility, reoccurring ad placement in the Mankato Free Press newspaper and developed a series of ads that help set the firm apart from competitors and reinforce its standing as a premier legal resource. Strong branding is enhanced by an emotional appeal, on-target messaging and impactful graphics in this visually engaging ad series.

American Lung Ad Campaign SIAA 2016 Winner

American Lung Association in Minnesota

Project Detail:

The SIAA award-winning “Tobacco-Free Education – Rice County, MN” newspaper ad was part of an antismoking campaign targeting the county and its local colleges. To deliver a strong, impactful message, Lime Valley developed a poignant and direct concept with an educational theme for this ad and the additional campaign collateral.

MN Pork Congress Feature Image

Minnesota Pork Producers Association

Project Detail:

Lime Valley Advertising has been a marketing partner for the Minnesota Pork Producers Association’s renowned, annual Pork Congress for over 10 years. Print ads, a magazine, direct mail pieces and recipe cards are all part of this well-branded event.

Martin Luther College InFocus Magazine

Martin Luther College

Project Detail:
These quarterly publications target two separate audiences. With a compelling and sophisticated design, the 32-page KnightWatch mails to MLC alumni and friends. The 24-page InFocus, geared toward student recruitment, features a fun and engaging design and mails to high school juniors and seniors.

General Equipment Feature Image

General Equipment

Project Detail:

A highly creative game-themed mailer, Genopoly, parodying a well-known board game, provided the right level of creative to cleverly deliver information regarding the company’s spring sales promotions to its rental store market.

The theme was so extensively developed that several iterations of it have been developed for additional General Equipment mailers.