New Ulm Chamber of Commerce Streetscape Banners

New Ulm Chamber of Commerce

Project Detail:
Lime Valley, in collaboration with the New Ulm Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, New Ulm Chamber of Commerce and the City of New Ulm, developed new city streetscape banners depicting 20 of New Ulm’s most historic and prominent attractions.

Lining the center of town, the banners provide tourists, visitors and residents a visual reminder of all the City has to offer! Banner designs incorporated photography from local individuals.

Midwest Dairy 2018 Annual Report

Midwest Dairy Association

Project Detail:
Midwest Dairy represents over 7,000 dairy farm families in ten midwestern states.

Lime Valley created an annual report in an unusual format to fully engage the recipient. Midwest Dairy’s key message “Bringing Dairy to Life” appears no matter what page the reader is on. The layout featuring other key messages and visuals keep attention and comprehension high throughout the book.

The new format and size took the Annual Report to another level and was well received.

Equipping Christian Witnesses campaign casebook

Martin Luther College 2020

Project Detail:
Martin Luther College’s two-year capital campaign, “Equipping Christian Witnesses”, is a signature project for continued advancement of recruitment, financial aid and facilities. Lime Valley designed a casebook with photos, facts and infographics that told a story and encouraged recipients to donate to the campaign.

In addition, a second version of the Casebook was developed. This version included footnotes and additional reference information, ensuring that volunteers for the campaign using it, were all delivering consistent and accurate information.

Martin Luther College - Advent Devotions Booklet

Martin Luther College

Project Detail:
Martin Luther College approached Lime Valley to design the Names of Jesus Advent devotions booklet. Throughout the year, the college gifts many devotions booklets to enrich the faith of its Christian community, many of which Lime Valley has helped create. The expert layout and design of this booklet helped to further elevate the impactful messages of the 25 Advent devotions.

River’s Edge Hospital - OrthoEdge Ad Series

River’s Edge Hospital

Project Detail:
In an effort to build awareness of the OrthoEdge Joint Replacement Program offered by River’s Edge Hospital, Lime Valley worked with the hospital to design an impactful ad series. Pairing eye-catching colors, imagery and fonts with expertly written copy, Lime Valley created an ad series that consistently draws new patients to the hospital and its exceptional program.

Midwest Dairy Association - Bringing Dairy to Life Event Collateral

Midwest Dairy Association

Project Detail:
“Bringing Dairy to Life” is an initiative by the Midwest Dairy Association to elevate dairy in the minds of consumers and introduce them to the farmers behind all of their favorite dairy products. A “Bringing Dairy to Life” dinner was held in Kansas City, MO, which brought writers, bloggers and chefs together with local dairy farmers.

For this event, Lime Valley designed a number of impactful marketing materials, including an invitation, menu and a farmer profile booklet. These materials helped to enhance the evening and served as points of conversation.

Farrish Johnson Law Office - Witness to History Ads

Farrish Johnson Law Office

Project Detail:
As the 10th oldest law firm in the state of Minnesota, Farrish Johnson Law Office has been a witness to some of the most amazing events in history. When celebrating its 125th anniversary, the firm approached Lime Valley with the desire to shine a light on notable moments from the its past through a weekly ad series.

For each week of 2018, Lime Valley researched, wrote and designed a newspaper ad that reflected on an event from Farrish Johnson Law Office’s history along with a local, national or world event that paralleled it.

AviNation - Youth Aviation Magazine


Project Detail:
AviNation is a national magazine dedicated to generating excitement and interest in aviation among youth. The magazine strives to give readers insight into the future of aviation by focusing on aviation students, programs, events and innovative approaches to the promotion and continued growth of the industry. Lime Valley designed AviNation’s logo and was tasked with the editing, design and production of the magazine. The magazine’s exciting content enabled Lime Valley designers to experiment with layouts and showcase spectacular aviation images.

Minnesota Pork Board Dietician Sheets

Minnesota Pork Board

Project Detail:
The Minnesota Pork Board is dedicated to providing quality educational and informational materials that assist in the promotion of pork and pork products. This mission is often assisted by in-store dieticians helping consumers make wise meal choices.

The padded tearsheets provide information about pork products, including the various cuts of meat, recipe ideas and preparation methods.

City of Mankato Annual Budget Report

City of Mankato

Project Detail:
The unique design of the City of Mankato Annual Budget Report captures the essence of the city and elevates the presentation of the report. The vibrant images and illustrations provide a sense of activity and motion, and serve as an appropriate compliment to the information contained within the report. The template aspect of the design can be applied to other City of Mankato generated reports.