SW MN Private Industry Council - Career Pathway Infographics

Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council

Project Detail:
The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (SW MN PIC) sought to reach high schoolers as they began to explore the many career paths that lie ahead of them. In order to provide them with quality information on these paths, SW MN PIC approached Lime Valley to create a series of eye-catching infographics.

Lime Valley designed flyers and posters that featured potential careers in a range of industries, including manufacturing, business, and education. Using bright colors and unique imagery, these infographics draw attention and effectively present their valuable information.

Bolton & Menk

Bolton & Menk

Project Detail:
Bolton & Menk, an engineering firm, approached Lime Valley to assist in the development of a children’s book. With the script provided, Lime Valley developed a storyboard and illustration style that brought the story and characters to life. One book quickly became a series as the firm decided to explore more topics. The books are now being used to educate youth about the work that Bolton & Menk does as well as get kids interested in STEAM-related fields.

United Way Close-up Flyer

United Way

Project Detail:
With the use of simple icons in combination with varied typography, an infographic highlighting the Greater Mankato Area United Way’s three main impact areas was developed.

Divided by colors, the infographic effectively communicated statistics and information about the nature of each of the services being provided by the non-profit organization, as well as partner agencies.

TT Technologies Infographic

TT Technologies

Project Detail:
Through a deep understanding of TT Technologies’ products and processes, Lime Valley was able to develop effective technical and creative renderings.

Used in numerous marketing communications vehicles including brochures, presentations, white papers and online, these product and jobsite illustrations deliver clear accurate information in an easy to understand visual format.

Jefferson Lines Posters

Jefferson Lines

Project Detail:
Fun and engaging infographic maps highlight six routes that Jefferson Lines offers.

These highly enjoyable pieces present ordinary information in an extraordinary way, appealing to audiences with color, font, and illustration.