South Central Workforce Council Logo

South Central Workforce Council

Project Detail:

In order to complement the South Central Workforce Council’s mission of developing and maintaining a quality workforce, a logo was developed that portrayed a structured environment focused on collaboration and diversity.

Martin Luther College Logo

Martin Luther College

Project Detail:
An institution with a very specific and definitive mission, Martin Luther College was in need of a logo revision that clearly reflected its purpose.

Lime Valley was able to develop a logo that portrayed the college accurately and sensitively with imagery that evoked its mission, Lutheran roots and rich history.

Windings Logo LVAI Identity


Project Detail:
The new, attractive and updated Windings logo better reflects the company’s products, values and position in the marketplace.

The new logo redesign represents a progression from the original logo, appealing to existing and new customers. The logo features a modern font, imagery and colors to appeal to the broad range of target markets and industries served.

Midwest Poultry Federation Logo

Midwest Poultry Federation

Project Detail:

This design incorporates relatable visuals that connect to the industries served by Midwest Poultry Federation.

The logo has a modern and professional presence, which positions the organization as a trusted resource. The logo design presents a modern twist on a classic style of identity.

New Generation Supplements Logo

New Generation Supplements

Project Detail:

Transitioning to a more corporate-centric marketing approach required a stronger, updated identity for New Generation Supplements internal culture, as well as its marketplace.

Designers needed to migrate from a literal farm and ranch illustration to a more distinct corporate image.


Mankato Mud Run Splat Logo

Mankato Mud Run

Project Detail:

This logo contains the obvious visual elements of adventure and excitement associated with this popular sport/event.

The key to this logo project’s success, however, is the way that it was designed to appeal to families, as well as adventure sport enthusiasts.

Hilltop Florist Logo

Hilltop Florist and Greenhouse

Project Detail:

A contemporary spin on an existing logo preserves the local, historical significance of the 135-year-old business, while attracting a new generation of customers.

Simplicity of design allows for easy integration of the logo in everything from websites to promotional products. Project management provided by Promotions Powerhouse.