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Lime Valley’s roots run deep when it comes to working with companies in the Agricultural Industry. Lime Valley works with companies in almost every sector of the Ag industry including feed supplements, agricultural equipment, co-ops, precision ag, arbor, insurance, legal and more. Each company counts in Lime Valley’s experience and expertise to create on-target marketing collateral and programs.

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Building Brands


Lime Valley has been around the shop and out in the field. That helps in the understanding of how equipment is made, sold and used. Turning that knowledge into effective communications along various sales channels is why Lime Valley is a leader in marketing for manufacturing companies.

Marketing Main Street

Service Industry

By taking a look at how a customer decides on using a specific business or service allows Lime Valley to create effective communications strategies for a wide range of service industry businesses. Law firms, dental offices, IT providers all benefit from sharp, customer-centric messages that helps them stay connected with existing customers and attract new ones.

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Marketing 101


Lime Valley is big on education. And when educational institutions at every level have something to say, whether it’s to parents, students, alumni or the general public, they come to Lime Valley. Lime Valley helps educational institutions of all kinds develop messages and get them out. From recruitment collateral to alumni networking, Lime Valley can develop, design and deliver the right website, the right brochure, the right mailer, the right newsletter… right on time.

Essential Communications


Non-profit organizations have a lot to say, and they need to be heard. Numerous non-profits count on Lime Valley for everything from help with donation drives and capital campaigns to rebranding and identity development. In addition to providing marketing communications solutions, Lime Valley donates an extensive amount of in-kind work annually to a variety of regional non-profit organizations.