Creating Better Local Search Traffic on Google.

Google My Business: Creating Better Local Search Traffic

Google has a major hold on local search traffic and organic search traffic. Because of this, it is important for a business to have a website and local listing that rank well.

Google My Business improves local search traffic by allowing customers to easily find reliable information about a business, such as open hours, directions, contact and website, on multiple platforms and devices.

Google Places & Search Network: Get Listed, Get Found

On Google’s Search Network, content provided from a business to Google will appear to the right of the page when people are looking for the business. This helps customers find the right information without having to sift through an overload of irrelevant information.

Google Maps: Help Customers Locate Your Business

Verified business information can appear on Google Maps to help customers locate a business and/or find directions to the business. Other contact information, such as a phone number or web address, may be included. Listings on Google Maps can also include customer ratings and reviews of a business.

Google+: Reach out to Customers

Updates, news, and other special events or offers can be posted on Google+. Customers can then follow a business’s content, comment on posts, endorse a business, and give feedback and reviews. Products and services can also be displayed on the Google+ profile and cover photos.

Google My Business is a Win-Win for Customers & Businesses

Google My Business is good for both customers and businesses. A business can get insights to understand how local search traffic looked for the business and interacted with its content, and from where the searches are coming. Plus, a Google My Business account is free and easily editable by the business itself or a trusted third-party manager.

Stay On Top: Keep an Eye Out for Google Updates

Google often makes significant updates to its business listing guidelines. With this in mind, businesses should regularly take a look at where their listings stand not only to ensure compliance with the guidelines but also to see how to give customers the information they want.

Let Lime Valley Setup My Google My Business For Me

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