NGS Tradeshow Solution LVAI Storyboard Nov 2016

It’s Show Time!: Lime Valley Develops Effective & Economical Tradeshow Solution for New Generation Supplements

A tradeshow booth or display needs to do two main things. First, it needs get the attention of show attendees. Second, it must communicate clearly what exactly a company does. But for New Generation Supplements, it needed to do something else; it needed to be economical and easy to set up.

The Problem: A Time-Intensive Tradeshow Display Setup

The company’s existing 20′ x 20′ island booth had been used for the better part of a decade and was very effective. However, the amount of time and labor it took to set up the elaborate truss system display (estimated at 33 labor-hours) made it a liability, in terms of the number of people needed to assemble the booth, combined with the extra expense of bringing in all those individuals before the show.

Additionally, show regulations are tightening regarding booth set up. Many shows now require companies to hire approved labor to set up displays. Faster set up time means a more economical solution.

The Solution: An Efficient, Effective Booth Design & Display

NGS Tradeshow LVAI Storyboard Nov 2016

Design by Lime Valley Advertising, Inc.
Illustrations by Horizon Downing, DeKalb, Ill.

Lime Valley researched booth design options, materials and configurations, settling on a booth system from Horizon Downing, DeKalb, Ill. The display system, consisting of an 11-ft tall, 4-sided tower and three smaller 8-ft tall panels with counters, is constructed of aluminum channel framing and dye sublimation graphics.

The counters arrived at the show pre-assembled and the entire booth can be erected with 3 to 4 people in about an hour.

Lime Valley incorporated bold graphics with concise, clear copy and telling product application photos into this booth design, letting everyone know what New Generation Supplements does and the markets they serve while making a powerful impression on tradeshow attendees.

This solution completely met New Generation Supplements’ two requirements, making for a happy client and an excellent show experience!

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