Grow Your Business with Digital Display Advertising

Grow Your Business with Digital Display Advertising

Digital display advertising enables your business to reach potential customers as they browse websites, watch videos online and use mobile apps.

Using various targeting methods, your business’s ads can be set to appear in front of audiences that are more likely to respond to them and become customers.

With their ability to reach receptive audiences and build brand awareness, digital display advertising campaigns can greatly assist in the continued growth of your business.

Display Advertising Targeting Methods

There are several networks that offer digital display advertising services and disperse ads across the Internet. Each network offers various targeting methods to reach the best audiences.

Targeting methods that are most common are:

  • Location
  • Keyword (identifies people that have performed specific searches or have been deemed to have an interest in the word or phrase)
  • Audience (identifies people by their interests or what they are currently in the market for)
  • Demographic

Optimize budget for online advertising

Properly budgeting for your Digital Advertising campaign is key for seeing strong return on investment (ROI).

Varying Pricing Strategies for Display Advertising

In addition to employing different methods of targeting, networks vary on the pricing strategy they use.

Some use a pay-per-click method in which you pay varying amounts each time the ad is clicked. Others use a pay-per-impression method in which you pay a set price for every 1,000 impressions.

Both methods follow the monthly budget that you set and can offer strong returns.

Pay-Per-Click Method

Pay-per-click has been popular as it only charges you when someone interacts with the ad. There are no limits on impressions and the ad will continue to appear until the total cost of the clicks reaches the monthly budget.

This can be a strong platform; however, when display ad competition rises in an industry this method can become more costly.

Pay-Per-Impression Method

On the other hand, pay-per-impression offers stable pricing for a set amount of impressions, so competition in the industry does not raise the cost. This method may provide fewer impressions compared to pay-per-click, but can offer greater quality of impressions and resulting clicks.

The network chosen for a digital display advertising campaign greatly depends on the targeting methods and pricing strategy preferred.

Digital Display Advertising on Mobile and Tablet Devices.

Digital display advertising is an effective marketing strategy to reach potential customers on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Increase Brand Awareness Online

Overall, running a digital display advertising campaign is highly beneficial to businesses of all kinds.

It not only reaches those actively looking for your products or services, but also builds overall brand awareness in those that come across the ads.

The greater the brand awareness is the more likely it is that those potential customers will think of your business when a need or want arises and will then become customers.

Start Your Own Digital Display Advertising Campaign

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