Google Network: Marketing’s Friendly Big Brother

Featured: Aluma’s GDN campaign was initiated in January 2015 and has had thousands of click-throughs to their website.

These days, Internet advertisers seem to know you. With the increasing popularity of advertising campaigns on the Google Network (also known as “AdWords”) and the like, it is no wonder.

The Google Network consists of the Search and Display Networks. These tools are an excellent way to create a presence in front of target audiences via the Internet. Costs are incurred on a pay per click basis, and maximum daily budgets can be set or changed at any time during the length of a campaign.

The Search Network is familiar to most users. You do a search on Google and text ads appear above and to the right of the search results. Advertisers bid on keywords like the one you used in your search, in hopes of catching your eye with relevant products or services.

The lesser recognized but far reaching Google Display Network (GDN) displays text, image, animated and video ads on partner placements, including websites, videos, mobile sites, and apps. The GDN can boost your visibility before your key audience. With its reach of over a million websites, options for targeting on the GDN can be as basic or as specific as needed. Ads can be set to target contextual keywords, specific placements, audience interest categories, demographics and more, and any combination. Reporting and analytics tools help in the customization and effectiveness of the campaign.

The GDN also can be used in a remarketing campaign. With remarketing, you are able to present your products and services in front of users who have already visited your site, while they are on other websites in the Network.

It may feel like “Big Brother,” but the Google Network can be valuable to both consumers and advertisers. As a consumer, you’re seeing ads that are more likely to actually interest you. There’s less of the noise and more of the substance. As an advertiser, you can target your ideal customer with a greater chance of hitting the mark and getting worthwhile traffic to your site.

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