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Education Through Editorial: Contribution Articles, A Winning Composition

How to Generate Positive Exposure with Contribution Articles

Trade magazines are great sources for obtaining good press relations (PR). Many Lime Valley clients have benefited greatly from this type of exposure. While companies often only focus on solicited or paid-for feature articles, there is another form of editorial that can generate a great deal of positive exposure for businesses.

At Lime Valley it’s referred to as a contribution article. These articles are often assembled by the editorial staff of a particular magazine or a freelance writer on assignment. They usually cover specific topics like an industry trend, a specific method, technique or equipment focus.

Copywriting Services: A Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Lime Valley Advertising has participated in a contribution article that provided the opportunity to put a client’s product (Jarraff Industries’ LineBacker Brush Cutter) in front of over 80,000 potential readers for just a minimal investment.

The magazine contacted Lime Valley and indicated that one of their editors was putting together a feature article on brush cutting machinery and even provided a list of questions that they wanted answered for the article.

With this information, Lime Valley’s Client Services Department was able to contact a Jarraff staff member, conduct a phone interview and type up answers to the editor’s questions. After proofing carefully with the client, the answers were submitted to the magazine with a product photo.

The six-page article appeared a few months later, prominently featuring the LineBacker Brush Cutter.

Advertising exposure through editorials.

Jarraff Industries was able to land a multiple-page feature in a high-profile magazine by submitting a contribution article.

A Win-Win Situation: Educating the Masses while Improving Reputation and Market Position

According to Lime Valley copywriter Jim Schill, education is the name of this game.

He said, “At every level here is education. Through our years of contact with the magazine, they knew what our client’s products did. That’s why they contacted us. We knew it meant a lot to provide the magazine with a quick turn around and good information for their article. And our client knew the importance of participating, and the value it represented for them and the readers of the magazine. Everybody wins in this situation.”

This type of exposure can mean a lot for all kinds of companies. For larger companies, it solidifies their position in their industry. For smaller companies it can position them as an authority or make them appear favorably next to much larger companies.

Looking for an Experienced Copywriter in Mankato MN?

Lime Valley has decades of experience in copywriting services in a wide range of markets and for all types of clients.

If you’re interested in having a contribution or editorial article written for your business or organization, contact us today to put our expertise to work for you.

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