How to use Typography for your Advantage

Branding Tips: How to Use Typography to Your Advantage

Every second of every day, language is used as a form of branding, expression and communication in personal and professional relationships – at home or in the office. It is well known, however, that the mere fundamentals of language and vocabulary alone cannot convey all of the intended meaning of a conversation. Other tools, such as body language, cadence and volume are used hand-in-hand with verbal communication to indicate feelings, significance and objective. These tools can be translated into written communication as well. Text on a page can be transformed into rich, visual language with accurate and knowledgeable use of typography.

Typographers began developing font sets in the mid-15th century with the invention of printing from moveable type.

Now, centuries later, the enhancements in technology have resulted in seemingly endless  typefaces, manipulation techniques and custom font creation capabilities. Even with all of these options, it is important to remember that typography should be treated similar to other branding elements. It is easy to see and understand the importance of color in creating an identifiable brand; however, typography is just as crucial and, like color, consistency is key. A mix of several varying fonts can create confusion and reduce the effectiveness of the message. On the other hand, meaningful typography and supporting font choices improve comprehension, keep the reader engaged, and propel the message beyond the written words.

Over the last few years, improving online branding with custom font options for websites has grown immensely.

Where once there were limited options such as Arial or Times New Roman, web font kits have opened a floodgate of new type design and layout possibilities. The ability to keep the branding of a business uniform across different media platforms results in people experiencing the same message and identity whether they are gathering information online or from a print ad. This gives the brand legitimacy and a good reputation, and grows the recognition of that company.

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Typography can be utilized to express much more than the already meaningful words to which it is applied.

With the choice of fonts, layout, size and emphasis, the name of a company, tagline or call to action can convey extremely different messages such as sophistication and elegance, fun and friendly, dependable and reputable, or modern and techy. As part of a logo, marketing piece or professional correspondence, the choice of fonts and the typographical design should resemble the mission, personality and purpose of the company.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Good typography then, should be worth ten times that, as it is essentially pictures of words. When the expression and emphasis of the typography supports and enhances the meaning of the words, it creates vivid, clear communication that mounts the power of language at its highest.

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