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14th Annual SIAA Awards: “And the Award Goes to… the Customer!”

SIAA Award Winner GraphicAlmost every industry has some sort of recognized award program, whether it’s sponsored by an industry association or a related industry publication. Receiving recognition for hard, thoughtful work can serve as a reward for employees, creating a sense of pride and ownership among staff. Awards also help companies in attracting quality employees, a task that is becoming more important all the time.

For Lime Valley, awards provide many of those same opportunities. On an internal level, awards season is a way to recognize the talents and creativity of designers, programmers, developers and copywriters. But on a more global level, receiving awards provides an opportunity to reflect on a successful project and celebrate with the customer.

Without the customer, there is no project and no award.

These awards are shared with the customer in a way that they can use them as promotional tools, celebrate with their staff and realize the value of their efforts in the marketing communications process.

The awards highlighted in this issue of Storyboard are Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA). The Service Industry Advertising Awards began in 2003 as a way to recognize the advertising excellence of the service industry. It’s a national competition that honors service industry providers, as opposed to popular consumer awards, for their contribution to marketing and advertising.

This year, over 1,900 entries were received. A national panel of judges evaluated and rated entries in 8 groups and 26 categories for execution, creativity, quality, consumer appeal and overall break through advertising content. The judges awarded 145 Gold Awards, 102 Silver Awards, as well as 74 Bronze Awards.

Lime Valley has won more SIAA Awards than any other agency in Minnesota.

Lime Valley Advertising Office BuildingWith six Service Industry Advertising Awards for communication excellence this year, Lime Valley has garnered a total of 63 SIAA awards, more than any other agency in Minnesota, over the last thirteen years.

Lime Valley has received a total of 18 Gold, 13 Silver, 9 Bronze and 23 Merit awards in the annual SIAA awards competition. The 2016 awards represent a range of project categories from educational services to publications and websites. The willingness and commitment to quality marketing communications on behalf of these customers makes these awards possible.

Total Awards Won: 18 Gold, 13 Silver, 9 Bronze, and 23 Merit awards

Lime Valley is excited to highlight these special projects and recognize the customers that make them possible. So cue the music. The show is about to begin!

SIAA GOLD Award Winners

Minnesota Pork Board, Dietician Tearsheets

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The Minnesota Pork Board is dedicated to providing quality educational and informational materials that assist in the promotion of pork and pork products. This mission is often assisted by in-store dieticians helping consumers make wise meal choices. The padded tearsheets provide information about pork products, including the various cuts of meat, recipe ideas and preparation methods.

Visit Mankato, Building Momentum Lenticular Postcard

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In order to promote the building expansion of the Verizon Center, Visit Mankato was looking for a direct mail piece that would create high-level impact in front of a range of audiences looking for locations to hold meetings and conventions. Lime Valley developed a theme, Building Momentum, which highlighted the expansion efforts, and applied it to a lenticular postcard. The progressive design, combined with the ability of the lenticular format to display multiple images by adjusting the visual angle of the piece, created immediate interest and delivered Visit Mankato’s message in a unique and memorable way.

SIAA BRONZE Award Winner

Greater Mankato Growth, GreenSeam Website

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GreenSeam is a multifaceted initiative designed to strategically build on and connect extensive agricultural business assets within a region including Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Lime Valley developed a dynamic website that appeals to the group’s diverse audience, while providing an impactful user experience. The completely responsive site allows for positive user experiences across all media devices.

SIAA MERIT Award Winners

Martin Luther College, Advent Devotions Book

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The Martin Luther College Advent Devotions book is provided as a gift, from MLC to congregation members, college alumni and families, and various other groups during the holiday season. The warm and moving design of the piece provides a strong backdrop for the devotions and messages within (written by MLC staff), and magnifies the value and thoughtfulness of this annual gift from the college.

Martin Luther College, InFocus Magazine

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Martin Luther College InFocus is an alumni magazine mailed multiple times per year. Charged with the task of keeping the look and feel of the magazine fresh and engaging, Lime Valley has taken an approach that emphasizes the value of the publication with photos and copy supplied by MLC. The sophisticated, yet fun and exciting look has been a tremendous success.

City of Mankato, Annual Budget Report

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The unique design of the City of Mankato Annual Budget Report captures the essence of the city and elevates the presentation of the report. The vibrant images and illustrations provide a sense of activity and motion, and serve as an appropriate compliment to the information contained within the report. The template aspect of the design can be applied to other City of Mankato generated reports.

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