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Lime Valley Advertising

Talent Is Abundant

As a full service agency, Lime Valley helps clients connect with customers through website design and web programming, graphic design, creative and technical writing, logo design, brochure development, public relations, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. Lime Valley Advertising leverages the talents of its ten staff members to create award-winning marketing communications pieces. As a practitioner of Integrated Marketing Communications, Lime Valley makes sure its clients communicate effectively across all mediums.

A Broad Sphere of Influence

Communication knows no boundaries. And with that understanding, Lime Valley Advertising is able to work successfully with many clients in a wide range of industries. Lime Valley is as comfortable, effective and experienced in industrial manufacturing as it is in the agricultural industry. That knowledge base extends deeply into marketing communications for service industry related business, as well as non-profit organizations. Over the last quarter of a century, Lime Valley Advertising has helped business and clients of all kinds, communicate effectively with diverse audiences in a multitude of industries and market segments.

Real Relationships

The success of an advertising agency can often be measured by client retention. When it comes to client relationships, Lime Valley breaks the bell curve. Lime Valley Advertising maintains long-term relationships with its clients, at a much higher rate than industry standards. A dedication to quality, service and value has helped Lime Valley continue many successful client relationships for over 5, 10 and even 20 years.

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